Secure, flexible telecoms systems for seamless business communications

Cloud-based VoIP communications are an ideal option for businesses looking for secure ways to cater to remote and hybrid working, delivering always-on functionality and the agility to be used in any setting, whether within the office or in any other workspace.

It’s Time to Switch to a
Cloud-Based Phone System

Virtual collaborations with compatible software suites

Our Phoenix Call package comprises cutting-edge features to facilitate virtual meetings, project management and discussions, suited to all business sectors and high-volume contact centres. With full Microsoft Teams compatibility, integrating our solution with your choice of CRM assists in streamlined workflows and elevated productivity.

The benefits of advanced VoIP telecoms


Cloud-based phone systems are safe, secure, dependable, and present a significant cost saving over conventional handsets and phone lines, without cabling, wiring, or ongoing maintenance.


VoIP telephony software is compatible with all major CRM platforms alongside Microsoft Teams to enable smooth communications, remote collaborations, and project management across locations.

Future-Proof Communications

The agility of VoIP means teams can access telecoms through any mobile, desktop or internet-enabled device, providing on-demand communications while travelling, networking or working remotely.

Selecting the right communications solutions

Enhanced telecom systems and software provide a range of improvements for forward-thinking businesses looking for opportunities to boost the flexibility, accessibility and quality of customer and in-house communications. With varied packages and customisation options, our experts can recommend adaptable options to meet your objectives.

The business advantage of VoIP telecoms

Combining VoIP with Phoenix Call is an effortless way to enhance productivity and ensure all colleagues can work effectively from any location, aligned perfectly with remote and hybrid working trends and companies with teams based in separate facilities or offices.

Voice Cloud virtual calling, Microsoft security and safe connectivity deliver leading telephony, with options to access phone lines from any app and any location.

Your communications follow you throughout your working day, with CRM integrations for faultless customer support and responsiveness, low-cost connectivity worldwide, and no reliance on hardwired handsets.

Our strategic telecoms design process

Get in Touch with

We’ll discuss your requirements and suggest the ideal systems and telecoms upgrade to replace legacy solutions with a high-performance VoIP solution.

Tailor Your

Every system is adapted to meet challenges and needs head-on, providing flexible, cost-efficient and dependable team-wide communications.

Experience Powerful Connectivity

Implement your upgraded telecoms network and enjoy uninterrupted communications across devolved workplace structures and throughout your customer service functions.


Why choose cloud-based telephony solutions?

We never know what is around the corner, so make sure your communications system is as adaptable as the rest of your technology. There is no longer a need to be tied to a particular desk or office, so finding a solution that allows your organisation and staff to operate from anywhere makes sense for businesses today. Using cloud-based solutions allows you to maintain your business presence while allowing your staff seamless access to the tools they need to work effectively, wherever they are.

The scalability of cloud-based telephony solutions also makes this ideal for small or growing businesses. This allows you to add extra extensions and features, as and when you need them, and then remove them when you don’t. It also allows smaller organisations access to features that might otherwise only be accessible to larger organisations.

How can we help you with cloud-based telephony solutions?

Alongside excellent IT services, we are now bringing our customers the market-leading hosted telephony system, Phoenix Call. Phoenix Call’s suite of features offers everything you need to cover your unified communications seamlessly and effectively. Whether you need the full suite of features, are looking for a new solution for your call centre or are a start-up looking to manage your communications more flexibly, we have a solution that will work for you.

By working closely with you, we can access the best option for your business and provide a solution that will grow with you. Our expert team are always on hand to support your staff whenever they need it, ensuring your business is always available to your customers.

We can offer you the following options:

  • Phoenix Call Lite
  • Phoenix Call Business
  • Phoenix Call Centre

How is Phoenix Call different from other providers?

Phoenix Call brings together a powerful unified communications system and a leading provider of IT services in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Offering a variety of options, we can support you in selecting and setting up the right telephony system for your business needs and help to integrate them with your current systems and technology.

We offer industry-leading network resilience to ensure your business is always accessible. We choose to partner with Phoenix Call as they share our commitment to offering innovative and efficient solutions at an affordable price.

As a leading provider of technology services in Glasgow and Edinburgh we can offer you:

  • Years of expertise that mean we can support your IT and communications to ensure they always run smoothly.
  • The flexibility to find a solution that works for you.
  • Reassurance that your systems are taken care of, so that you can focus on other areas of your business.
  • 24/7 support, so there is always someone here to help whenever you need them.<br>
  • A portfolio of clients who recognise the difference we have made to their businesses.

What hosted telecoms packages do we offer?

Phoenix Call for Jera has a range of different packages to suit your needs:

  • Phoenix Call Lite

Phoenix Call Lite offers a full range of call handling and management features that allows you to mobilise your workforce efficiently and affordably. Including features such as: Instant messaging, voice and video conferencing, CRM integration, auto attendant and Microsoft Teams integration, alongside many more.

  • Phoenix Call Centre

Our Call Centre edition gives your organisation full visibility and control over your call centre service. With a secure administration portal, intelligent call queues, wall boards and call monitoring, amongst many other features, our solution allows you to focus on providing an excellent service to your customers.

Why should you choose us as your hosted telecoms phone service?

  • Care – we care about our customers and want to ensure the services you buy from us enhance your business.
  • Transparency – we believe in being open and transparent and apply this to all communications with our customers.
  • Understanding – we believe understanding your unique business is key to providing a service that works for everyone.

What are the benefits of using a hosted telecoms system?

Having a fully integrated communications system makes sense for today’s workforce that is increasingly mobile and always looking for solutions to increase productivity and access to services. Using a hosted telephony system allows you all the features you need to run the communications of your business at an affordable price. It also allows you the flexibility to manage your workforce remotely without any disruption to your service.

How do you pick the right provider for your hosted telephony service?

As with any service, picking the right provider for your business is important. We partner with CallSwitch as their values aligned with ours. Finding a service that offers the features you need and cares about your business, means that you will know you are in safe hands.

Are we GDPR compliant?

As your telephony system will be handling and recording customer data, it is important that your provider is compliant with the GDPR. CallSwitch and Jera are fully GDPR compliant, you can find out more in our Privacy Notice.

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We initially looked at replacing our existing VOIP phone system as the clarity of the calls were prohibiting our high standards of customer service and the costs were becoming increasingly prohibitive for us as a small business to utilise all the functions that we found that we were needing. We contacted Jera with our service requirements and they swiftly came back with the CallSwitch option. The brilliant thing about...

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The Jera team have been nothing short of excellent and their patience with me has been saint-like. Thanks for all your help.

Newtown Renovations

We have recently started working with Jera. Customer service is excellent and if there are any issues they are in constant contact with updates and solutions. I would highly recommend Jera.

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We’ve been using Jeras IT solutions for a number of years and have always found their service second to none. Taking ownership of our IT problems and seeing them through to the end. A start to end quality service.

Lorraine Hunter

The new system and handsets are great, and on the Wifi front Jera IT have installed an open network for customer use, and a second secure network for pop-up retailers. The project has been very successful with both aspects now up and running well. Jera IT were always on hand to sort things out and offer us options on how we could adapt things to suit the way our business works. We would definitely recommend the...

Niall Iain

We’ve grown up with Jera IT, and I’ve got a very good relationship with them. They understand me and immediately deal with things that need to be dealt with. I don’t know how demanding I am as a customer, but we’ve got a great working relationship, and that’s invaluable. I regularly recommend them to others.

Lisa Kwiecinska

Jera IT oversee all IT infrastructure and are extremely proactive in suggesting innovations to keep us ahead of the game. I get lots of calls from IT companies offering their services, but Jera IT has become part of RZ Group, and we’d never switch to another provider. They’re evolving too, with new people adding their expertise to the team, and we know we can trust Jera IT to get the job done.

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