Droplet Container Software

Welcome to the Future of Hassle-Free Container IT

Is outdated, legacy software giving you cyber security headaches? Fear not! Let us introduce Droplet Computing. Our secret weapon against cyber criminals and technology headaches.

Droplet Container Software

What is a Container, and Why do I Need One?

Imagine a magic box for your apps! A container is like a secure, isolated bubble where your software can happily live without causing chaos on your device. It’s the VIP section for your applications, keeping them in check and preventing any backstage drama. If you use older models of operating systems, if your employees work from home or hot desk, a container is a vital layer of security for your business.

You might want to consider a Droplet Container for the following reasons:

Legacy Love: Got a soft spot for older apps? Containers make them feel at home, running smoothly on any device, regardless of its age or operating system.

Security Sentry: Worried about cyber security on your aging apps and software? Containers, especially Droplet’s NeverTrust™, act like your app’s bodyguard, fending off threats and letting in only the trusted VIPs.

Budget Bliss: Say goodbye to pricey upgrades! Containers, like Droplet, let you enjoy the software you and your team are currently using, without spending thousands of pounds and hours upgrading systems, re-training your staff, and re-writing process documents.

Why a Droplet Container Specifically?

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Say Goodbye to Budget Blues

Forget costly upgrades or extended support fees. Unlike many other containers which charge per app, Droplet’s flat subscription fee lets you binge-install as many apps as you want – all without breaking the bank.

IT Security and Cyber Essentials Plus

Worried about cyber baddies? NeverTrust™, Droplet’s security superstar, wraps your applications in an impenetrable layer, fending off inbound threats and only allowing in what’s necessary.

Cybersecurity certification stressing you out? Droplet’s NeverTrust containers come fully equipped with all the cybersecurity goodies needed to breeze through Cyber Essentials Plus.

Out of the Box Brilliance and Compatibility

IT strategies begin with the here and now and extend into the future, encapsulating your plans, expectations and trajectories to ensure your solutions and systems are poised to move as quickly as you do.

Say goodbye to software refactoring headaches. Droplet containers play nice with legacy applications, running smoothly on any device and OS, even those stuck in the Windows 7 era.

The fact that we no longer have to script each individual application
for each single device our students may, or may not, bring to class is a huge
benefit to us.
Plus, I no longer need to know, or care, what those devices are.

Education Sector IT Manager

Deploying Droplet could save at least six figures for your application
deployment vs traditional VDI methods, a saving that could be used to invest into
analytics to improve bottom-line profits

Enterprise Customer

We chose Droplet as there were no other solutions available that could
enable us to deliver the test project within the budget and timeframe we had.
If you are looking at a hardware refresh, Droplet’s security means that users
can safely use their own devices to access corporate applications without
compromising the security of either their own hardware or the infrastructure of
the corporation

Healthcare Operations Director

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