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Providing managed IT support in Aberdeen

We provide fully managed IT support, cybersecurity services, telecoms systems, and IT strategy consultancy to businesses based in Aberdeen and the surrounding areas.

Providing Managed IT Support in Glasgow

Do you need help with your technology? We’re here to provide fully-managed IT Support, Cybersecurity Services and Telecoms Systems. If it’s not something that can be fixed internally or through our remote IT Support services, then we will get one of our IT technicians out as soon as possible!

Providing managed IT support in Edinburgh

We provide fully managed IT support, cybersecurity services, telecoms systems, and IT strategy consultancy to businesses based in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas.

Reliable IT support and IT best practices for your business

It’s our priority to make sure you never have to experience the hardships of unreliable IT and IT support. We look after your technology so you can focus on building strong teams and running a great business!

Essential IT flexibility to support dynamic, fast moving businesses

Cloud solutions allow you to connect to your data and programs securely from anywhere. Meaning you can access file backups and collaborate with teammates on productivity tools when you aren’t even in the office.

Cloud based telephone solutions that make customer calling easier

As more workplaces embrace flexible and remote working it is essential for a business to use a reliable, cloud-based (VoIP) communications system. VoIP can reduce costs and improve the performance of your team whether they are in, or out of the office.

Bespoke IT strategies that will support your business as it grows

For most companies, IT is an integral part of their business, which is why having a well-designed IT strategy is so important. Your strategy should facilitate and support your business and systems while laying the groundwork for future growth.

Innovative and affordable security solutions for your business

When an IT security breach takes place and business or personal data becomes compromised, it can mean significant financial loss as well as serious reputational damage. Putting the proper security solutions in place will keep your business safe.

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Recent Client Feedback

Never Stop

Improving Your Business


Growth is the first priority for any business, which is why it’s the first pillar in our GDP business model.


IT Strategy


In order for you to be successful, you need the right solutions in place to drive your business forward.


IT Support


Cloud Solutions




You will never be able to achieve your goals if you don’t protect your business from cyber-attacks.


IT Security

Success stories

Blairmore Farm

Blairmore Farm is more than just a working farm. In addition to their highland coos, chickens, turkeys, and Clydesdale horses, visitors can use Blairmore Farm as a central base from which they can experience Scotland’s ancient history, the Gleneagles Golf Course, and two of Scotland’s most vibrant cities.

Forth Resource Management

Forth Resource Management was started in 2002 with an idea that started as a college project to provide a sustainable recycling solution for the garden cuttings generated across South East Scotland

RZ Group

RZ Group is a leading recruitment agency specialising in financial services, engineering and the public sector. In recent years, they’ve undergone rapid expansion, opening offices in London and Bolton to complement their Edinburgh HQ. Jera and the RZ Group have a special relationship as they’re grown together. Lisa Kwiecinska, RZ Group’s Operations Director, recalls: “When we started out, it was only two of us in a tiny office, but we now have 50 staff across three sites. Jera have been with us from the beginning and have played a huge part in our development.”

Hoskins Architects

Hoskins Architects has been trading in Glasgow since 1998, winning wide praise for innovative design concepts. Its past projects include: new visitor facilities at Edinburgh Castle, the renovation of Aberdeen’s Art Gallert, and the redevelopment of the National Museum of Scotland. After starting out as a sole trader, Gareth Hoskins built up a team of 40 before his death in 2016. The team is now led by an experienced board of directors. The firm tenders for work all over Europe, recently winning projects at Vienna’s World Museum and Schleswig’s Gottorf Castle.

Merry Hatton Garden Centre

Merryhatton is a small, independent garden centre located in rural East Lothian. A popular café is also on-site, and the business has grown into an award-winning venue, firmly established as a favourite amongst locals and visitors.

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We work only with trusted partners

The opinion of our client is very important to us. Our team is constantly making efforts to improve the quality of our service.

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Marketing Internship at Jera

Jera is a IT company that specialises in Cybersecurity, IT Support, Telecoms, Cloud solutions and IT Strategy. We’re looking for an intern to help us with our social media strategy, blog posts and more! Interested? Fill in the form below and attach your CV. We look forward to hearing from you.

How Much Does IT Support Cost?

Many people have a question about IT support. “How much does it cost?” IT support isn’t just one price, but there are factors that will affect the cost of your service. Here’s what you need to know!

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Empowering Business Success Through Smart IT Solutions

IT is a broad term often used as a throwaway in a business context – but it can make a tremendous difference to how your company delivers customer support, monitors productivity, and responds to enquiries, transactions and problems.

As a specialist business IT support provider, Jera knows all too well how a seemingly simple issue, such as a sluggish connection or outdated network, can cause ongoing frustration – before grinding to a halt, with considerable ramifications in terms of cost and downtime.

Jera’s team of experienced, high-skilled and friendly technicians provide a range of services, from full network administration and management to cybersecurity safeguards, IT security audits and telecoms transitions, providing bespoke advice to ensure you make the right decisions to help you reach your goals.

Customised Business IT Support

Small businesses and start-ups often assume that IT support is outside their budget; but ignoring this crucial aspect of running a company can be detrimental. Jera’s pricing packages are transparent, straightforward and jargon-free, so you can pick and choose the exact support you require.

We appreciate the need to balance your budgets against the business-critical nature of your IT systems and endeavour to be flexible, assessing IT support costs based on the size of your team and the complexity of your potential needs. Every business is different, so when we begin the onboarding process, we take the time needed to get to know your company, the challenges specific to your sector or industry, and the current setup of your IT infrastructure and network logistics.

From there, we’ll help create a roadmap for the trading periods ahead, defining how IT innovation can help you reach your deliverables and targets faster, more reliably, and with first-class support at each step of the way.

Full-Service Cybersecurity Protection

Data breaches, information theft and hacking are all core issues for businesses, but installing a firewall and crossing your fingers isn’t a great approach. 

Jera can advise on the emerging threats that are the biggest risks for your business, identify gaps in your defences, and recommend the best options to protect all devices – including BYOD and remote devices where you have a hybrid, flexible or remote team structure.

Getting ahead of your IT systems and cybersecurity before a disaster strikes is essential. Our capable technicians always aim to deliver actionable advice, unbeatable affordability and assistance to ensure you make confident, future-proof decisions about the optimal IT hardware, software, telecoms and security for your business.