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High-powered, cost-effective business telecoms

Many businesses are aware that VoIP and digital telecoms are highly efficient and deliver cost savings against traditional wired handsets. Still, there are varied packages and solutions with different pricing dependent on the most suitable plan for your organisation.

Jera’s Phoenix Call platform is market-leading, with comprehensive integrations, supported hardware and Unified Communications…

Selecting a VoIP pricing package

The starting point in assessing the most appropriate telecoms package is to analyse your current phone lines, users, hours of usage or capacity during peak hours of business, including:

The number of colleagues or users requiring a headset or telecoms access simultaneously – particularly important for higher-volume call centres and customer support functions.

The average number of minutes of call time required per month, including mobile and UK calls.

Microsoft Teams and CRM integration requirements to streamline workflows and allow teams to collaborate and manage projects with in-built telecoms.

If you are unsure which VoIP packages are the right match for your call usage or telecoms priorities, please schedule a call with Jera, and we will be happy to provide further guidance.

Choose the plan that’s right for you



From £10
per User / Month


From £12
per User / Month


From £20

per User / month



From £10

per User / Month



From £12

per User / Month



From £20

per User / Month

Included Support Time 

1 hour



Mobile Client

Mac and Windows Client

Desk Phones

Included UK Calls

500 minutes

2000 minutes

2000 minutes

Included Mobile Calls

500 minutes

2000 minutes

2000 minutes

Voicemail and Personal Greetings

Voicemail to Email Transcription

Call Forwarding

Direct Dials

Hunt Groups and Auto Attendant

International and Geographic Numbers

Call Recording

Secure Administration Portal

Telecoms Support

Screen Sharing

Directory Services & Click-to-dial

Call Queuing & Parking

Instant Messaging & Presence

CRM integration

Voice & Video Conferencing

Microsoft Teams Integration

Compliant Call Recording



Intelligent Call Queues

Call Agents

Supervisory Management

Call Monitoring & Intervention



Advanced telephony for compliance and coordination

Call recording and customer call queues are enhanced features that can boost the customer experience, ensure regulatory compliance, and allow managers to monitor calls, access logs, or intervene or join a live call to help resolve challenges or address queries.

Compliant call recording is included in both our Phoenix Call Business and Phoenix Call Centre packages and is a mandatory or organisational quality control requirement in varied sectors, particularly in financial and insurance services where call recording may be obligatory.

Other features and functionality, such as smart queue management, ensure that even during the highest demand periods, customers are assured of professional service and receive regular updates about the anticipated waiting time.

Leveraging VoIP Telecoms for Teamwork and Collaborations

Jera’s enterprise-level telecoms solutions are ideal for larger or remote teams, with the capacity to integrate with CRMs and Microsoft Teams, alongside video conferencing and screen sharing features, whereby teams from any location can communicate live, participate in discussions, or contribute to team meetings.

Our high-performance VoIP solutions begin from just £10 per user per month, and you can find an itemised breakdown of the support and services included in our pricing packages tables. 


Which package is best for me?

Each organisation is different, so our team takes great pride in helping you set out the right strategy for your business. Contact our sales representatives to learn more about what our telecoms could do for your business.

Can I transfer my numbers?

Of course, if you have DDI numbers that you wish to keep, but want to reduce the number of landlines you have, we can transfer your existing numbers to VoIP. They are then with you for life and can be used from any office and any location. For example, you can have London numbers piped to your office in Edinburgh, and there is no charge!

How else can I save on telecoms costs?

Not only do you save on call charges, but line rental is free and DDI numbers are significantly cheaper too! This means you can reduce the number of landlines in your business, as well as getting additional services and features.

How do I know I am making a VoIP call or a landline call?

Normally you shouldn’t be able to tell the difference, the system can be configured to automatically route certain calls (such as international calls) over VoIP, but others over landlines. You can however, manually select your outgoing route, if you wish, when you dial the number.

If I call on VoIP does the other person need to be on VoIP also?

No, if you are calling another VoIP user, then the call is completely free. However, you can call any landline or mobile, anywhere in the world. These calls are typically around 1p per minute.

Will I save money on my phone bills?

Yes, by routing calls via VoIP, your telephone bills can be reduced dramatically. This is especially true for long-distance and international calls.

Are there any connection fees?


Is this an approved service?

Absolutely. Ofcom regulates the telecoms sector, which was fully deregulated in 2006.

Read about it at

How is pricing calculated?

Pricing is custom. We cannot set a clear price for this service like many of our other services this is because Telecoms has many distinct aspects that need to be considered like how many handsets you will need and what type of handset you will need.

Can I change my package when I want?

We know that circumstances change so, if you feel that you need to change your Telecoms packages there is no need to worry. Our Telecoms packages are highly flexible so that we can provide the perfect roadmap for your business. If you want to change some aspects of your Telecoms package you can easily get in touch with a member of our team.

What is involved in the set up process?

We have all been stressed when setting up a bit of complicated new tech. Don’t stress our professional Telecoms engineers will take care of everything and help you understand the process so that you can focus on the important work in your business.

Are there any hidden costs?

We believe in transparency so there are no annoying hidden fees. We will build your Telecoms package around you and your business. Both parties being part of the process helps us understand your business needs and gives you control over your Telecoms so that you have trust in it because at the end of the day it is you will be the one using it.

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