5 Incredible Ways Businesses are Using AI in 2024

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Case Studies: 5 Incredible Ways Businesses are Using AI in 2024

Artificial Intelligence (AI from now on because we’re too busy securing businesses to type the whole thing out every time.) Whether you love it or hate it, it’s here and it isn’t going away. AI will change everything in our lives, from language AI software creating content, to AI generated videos, and now even AI fridges that can tell you when you’re running out of beer. Not all of it is high tech, one only needs to look at the recent Wonka chocolate experience in Glasgow to know that in the wrong hands, Artificial Intelligence still has a long way to go.

Whilst it may still be in its infancy,  artificial intelligence will one day be a grown, sweary adult, and the time to prepare yourself and your team for this is now. Many businesses are already preparing their staff with training on how to use AI to be more effective in their work. It’s important that you don’t fall behind, and future proof your team with training and policies. They’re going to figure it out on their own eventually, and if you don’t want to be inundated with poorly written AI content and proposals, it’s vital you embrace the technology now.

According to a Forbes study;

  • Over half of business owners are currently using AI for cybersecurity
  • One in four business owners are concerned about AI affecting web traffic.
  • 97% of businesses believe ChatGPT will help their business. One in three plan to use ChatGPT for website content and 44% plan to use ChatGPT for translation purposes.
  • Over 40% of businesses are concerned about over reliance on technology due to the use of AI.
  • Nearly two thirds of business owners believe AI will improve customer relations.

Before you get carried away and run in swinging with AI, let’s pause for a moment and look at a case study of getting everything wrong: The Glasgow Willy Wonka Experience:

AI Gone Wrong: Glasgow Willy Wonka Experience:

If you’re up to date with social media and the news, you’ll have seen the memes and videos lampooning the disastrous Willy Wonka experience held in Glasgow last month. The internet has been swamped with information, videos and pictures displaying the absolute disaster the £35 event ended up being. Many promises were made about chocolate fountains, towers of sweets and more, only for attendees to be met with 2 jelly babies, and a quarter of a can of Barr’s limeade. Whilst the lack of planning and lies regarding sweets were heinous in their own right, the event website, marketing materials and press releases are littered with poorly written AI.

This undoubtedly contributed to heightened expectations, as the content was obviously not checked by a human, outlandish promises appear alongside the nonsensical written content.

The House of Illuminati, the one-man company behind this disaster of an event, has a website full of dubious AI generated content. Our favourite example being their blog section, in which one blog has been copy and pasted directly from Chat gpt with the subheading: “Feature Image Recommendation: An image capturing a moment of awe during an event, showcasing the intersection of creativity, design, and the joy of attendees. This image will exemplify the artistry that defines House of Illuminati events.”

If you want a disaster class in what not to do, and the dangers of relying too heavily on AI, House of Illuminati is the case study you need to pay attention to.

5 Ways companies are leveraging AI correctly:

Now that we’ve had a good chuckle at the goofs and gaffs of the Glasgow Willy Wonka experience, let’s cleanse our palate with a look at 5 of the ways businesses are using AI to improve their business operations.

  1. AI for Customer Services

The most popular way businesses are utilising AI at the moment, is in the customer service realm. Many companies are coming up with cleverer and cleverer chat bots, and smart businesses are using AI powered chatbots to help customers with their queries. These can be customised and primed by businesses to avoid the usual beige responses usually given by bot features of the past.

  1. AI Content Creation

This is the area where you need to be most careful. AI is an incredibly powerful tool in the creation of content, however it requires a great deal of care. If your business is using AI to create web page content, blog articles or emails, it is imperative that you put in place processes and training for your staff when using AI.

However, using a service like ChatGPT for processes like keyword research or coming up with content ideas is potentially a massive time saver for your marketing team

  1. Using AI to Build Customer Personas

Customer personas are an incredible resource for businesses and have been for a long time. AI has the potential not only to speed up the creation of customer personas, but also allows businesses a clever way to interact with their personas. If you already have your customer personas built and perfected, you can upload these personas to an AI chat bot and ask it to roleplay as the person in question. This means you can interact directly with your customer personas, asking questions, developing pain points and getting ideas and feedback vital to your business.

  1. Streamlining your processes with AI

If you’re a company of a certain size that has been operating for a while, chances are you have folders jam packed with processes for everything from running a webinar to ordering lunch. We don’t want to suggest that these may be redundant, but oftentimes we don’t have the time to correctly update and streamline our processes as much as we would like. Enter AI! The wealth of AI solutions out there allows businesses to quickly run through and update their various process documents.

  1. AI for Cyber Security

Like any other sector, AI will have a huge impact for IT departments and external IT support providers. Whilst AI can be a powerful tool for cyber criminals, with the correct training it can be a boon for cyber security professionals as well.

We aren’t suggesting you fire your IT department, but used in tandem it can be a valuable resource. AI solutions are able to quickly identify shadow data and monitor for abnormalities in data access. This saves you valuable time in alerting your chosen cyber security professionals about potential threats to your business.


 We hope this has helped convince you of the need to stay up to date with training on AI and its uses and weaknesses. Nobody wants to miss out on an opportunity their competitors have started using. Our team at Jera are always on the lookout for the latest trends. Part of our identity as a company is relentless learning for our team. It helps us stay ahead of the game and keep our clients safe and informed.

If you’d like to speak to the team about how we can help you, don’t hesitate to reach out for a chat!