5 Benefits of Video Learning for Staff Training

   LearnIt takes only a brief visit to your favourite social media site to find out what corporate training experts and marketers alike have known for a while now: video is king.

With video content gaining the most views, likes and shares out of all online content, it’s no wonder it has become such a popular tool for employee training programmes.

In today’s blog post we’ll take a look at some of the unique advantages of video-based learning in order for you to find out whether it’s the right fit for your team.

Without further ado, here are five major perks of video courses for continuous professional development.

1. The human brain loves visual content

The human race is a visual one: our eye is easily caught by bright colours, quick movement and flashy graphics.

So it’s no wonder that video content keeps our attention unlike anything else.

Video can also convey the same amount of information as text in a more concise way: while writing relies on description, punctuation and specific word choices to get across everything it needs to in the right tone, video can use a variety of different types of media to communicate more efficiently.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but with video consisting of some 30 frames per second plus audio, it’s worth even more.

Us humans take in most of our data visually, so catering to this predilection in your team training can give your staff’s learning experience a real boost.

2. It’s more cost-effective

When it comes to in-person training, you’re paying not only for the expertise of the training expert but also their time – and potentially their travel expenses and rent for a training space, too.

In contrast, with video learning, the class has already been recorded and the cost of the trainer’s one-time commitment to filming it has already been factored into the cost of the course, with your team being able to learn from their desks.

This means that video courses are typically much more affordable than classroom-style training.

3. Video learning caters to all learning styles

Not everyone can learn well listening to a lecture or reading a book.

In fact, researchers have identified as many as seven unique learning styles.

While some people best absorb information by doing – putting it to use themselves right away – others are visual learners who love nothing more than a good infographic.

Video courses have the unique ability to cater to any learning style because you can include so many different types of media in them. You can use audio, text, visuals and short quizzes in order to cater to learners of all kinds.

Not to mention that video can be easily paused or rewound in order to make sure you understand everything and can take notes if that helps you learn better.

4. On-demand video learning is convenient

An in-person training session requires you to get your whole team together at the same time, which can be very challenging in a fast-paced work environment. With everyone having a different, long to-do list, finding a time that’s convenient for everyone is no easy feat.

Instead, your team can complete training sitting at their desks whenever their other tasks allow them to do so.

This makes video training especially convenient when the videos are very short, only a few minutes each: these can be watched between sending emails or when you have a few minutes to kill before heading to lunch with your workmates.

With business training videos, there are also no big disruptions to your team’s day.

There’s no need to rent a minibus and drive off to a stuffy hotel conference room for a long day of PowerPoints and stale sandwiches while emails go unanswered and time-sensitive tasks get pushed back another day.

5. You can count on the same learning experience for everyone

So much of an in-person learning experience is dependent on external factors:

    • If the instructor has a bit of a sore throat
    • If there are several late stragglers entering the room mid-presentation
    • If there’s a technical problem of some sort

With these, your learning experience is likely to suffer as a result.

In contrast, with employee training video learning you can guarantee that every employee receives the same training experience (as long as the wifi doesn’t cut out!).

With video, you can also review the training material in advance of giving your team access to it, making sure they receive the most relevant and targeted training possible.

Final Thoughts & How Jera IT can help

While in-person training where people can ask the trainer specific questions has its unique advantages, nothing can beat the convenience and easily-digestible nature of video training courses.

The Jera learning portal offers hundreds of short videos on topics ranging from IT security awareness to Office 365 to sales and project management skills.

These bite-sized classes make learning easy and convenient, and managers get full visibility into what classes their team is consuming via our online portal.

Learn more about our corporate training videos on our dedicated page and get in touch with us today for more information.