4 Ways your Company can Benefit from Staff Training

Who wouldn’t want their staff to be more knowledgeable and productive?

All training programmes promise this, yet it can be hard for managers to justify the cost of them – especially if they’ve been let down in the past.

However, the benefits of offering your people continued development opportunities far outweigh the potential drawbacks once you find the right courses, which is why today we’ll dive into some of the reasons you should seriously consider investing in staff training for your team.

Common misgivings about staff training

Many business leaders have their doubts about the value of staff training, whether that’s based on preconceived notions about it or past unsatisfactory experiences.

However, done right and with thought, your initial investment will pay for itself – and then some!

While no manager worth their salt would hire complete novices to fill specialised roles, it’s very common to find underqualified people in these positions simply because they cost less to hire.

However, you can’t have your cake and eat it too: without offering these people the training they need to excel in their role, you’re not using your money very wisely.

Not only that, even the most experienced and specialised of your employees could benefit from training; whether that’s in order for them to brush up on their cybersecurity awareness, learn how to take care of their mental health or even learn some new skills that will help you to develop their role to better meet the challenges your company faces.

The truth is, none of us ever stop learning, and by making the investment into your staff’s continued development you ensure you remain ahead of the competition and keep your people happy and engaged.

Benefits of business training courses

1. Staff understand their role & the company ethos better

By offering specialised training to your employees, you can help them better understand what’s expected of them in their role and help them patch any weaknesses in their skills.

This will help bring your whole team to a similar level of expertise, streamlining collaboration and communication in the workplace.

Staff training can help both new and long-time employees brush up on their knowledge of company procedures, safety and administrative tasks. It also helps you to drive home your company values and strengthen your internal culture.

Training sessions on efficient and compassionate communication, teamwork and supporting your mental health can all help with this.

2. More confident, productive employees

By making your employees better understand what’s expected of them and helping them develop the skills required, they’ll grow more confident and productive.

They’ll be able to carry out their tasks more effectively and with less input from their supervisors.

Increased confidence can, in turn, help spark new ideas, making your workplace a fertile breeding ground for creative problem-solving.

It should also be noted that with technology changing rapidly, making sure that your employees know how to effectively use the latest features of applications like those found within the Office 365 suite will be another way to maximise productivity within your team.

3. Better staff retention & attracting more job applicants

Investing in the continued development of your employees shows them that they are valued and part of a supportive team.

Training programmes offer new challenges and opportunities to progress in their roles, which will keep them invested and help with staff retention.

Similarly, as employee training is seen as an important perk, offering it will help you attract ambitious applicants with a growth mindset from recent graduates to those seeking a mid-career change.

4. A more profitable business

This is what it all boils down to, isn’t it?

A more confident, knowledgeable and competent team is able to perform better and ultimately bring in more money.

Additionally, as learning and development opportunities are seen as a major perk, you can retain staff longer and don’t have to spend as much time and money on recruitment.

So as you can see, investing in your people is not just about providing a perk for them – it’s likely to be beneficial to your bottom line as long as you choose the right training programme for your team.

The best ways to learn & how Jera IT can help

As we already mentioned, many managers have their misgivings about professional development courses because they’ve been let down by them in the past.

That’s why it’s so important to do your research and find training opportunities that appeal to learners of all kinds.

We believe that blended learning is the most effective way to train your employees – this is a mix of in-person training and online courses. This way, you can combine the flexibility and convenience of online courses with the collaboration of in-person classes, helping to cater to all learning styles. Read about the benefits of video training.

Jera is your go-to destination for smart and simple distance learning.

We offer bite-sized online learning courses that cover topics from cybersecurity and Microsoft Office to remote working and selling. Our short videos are designed to be easily digestible whenever you have a few minutes to spare, and managers get full visibility into what their staff are learning through our platform.

If you have any doubts about whether Jera is right for your team, get in touch with us in order to learn more about our courses and how you can try it out – all without breaking the bank.