Introduction to Cloud Solutions: Reliable Solutions.

How much do you know about cloud computing?

Are you a complete beginner and don’t know where to start?

Do you just need a basic introduction to Cloud solutions as you aren’t 100% sure if it is the thing you need?

You’re in the correct place then.

One of the biggest cloud solutions that is used, is Microsoft’s Azure although there are a lot more out there that can be used.

Although there are now many companies out there who have different cloud packages depending on the size of your business and your business needs.

The cloud backup can be scaled depending on your business, making it an excellent method of storage.

Cloud solutions are more secure than traditional systems as with cloud solutions, businesses can take advantage of the latest security technologies.

Meaning your data will be backed up off-site.

This helps to protect businesses from data loss if there are any issues – e.g. cybersecurity breaches, or natural disasters.

Cloud solutions are being used for many different reasons, such as to make you more productive.

But how can it do this?

Why would a cloud system make you more productive?

Watch the video to find out how you can become your most productive at work.

Want to find out more about the cloud and how it works?

Here at Jera, we have a range of products that teach you all about Cloud products and if they are worth it.

Have a look today to find out more. 

Here at Jera, we are cybersecurity specialists for small to medium businesses (SMBs). We are here to help with all your business needs.

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