7 Benefits of Working from Home: Why Your Business Needs to Offer Business Telecoms

In the wake of Covid-19, many people are looking for ways to work from home.

The many benefits of working from home or remote working are clear: improved morale, less stress, and better productivity.

But what about your business? Do you offer the option to work from home?

If not, you should be thinking about it.

A study published in 2020, discovered that 85% of people believe teleworking to continue into the future.

With 85% of workers wishing for work from home to continue, you need to make sure you have a system that can adapt to this new work-life phenomenon.

One of the cheapest and simplest methods to use for the new work-from-home lifestyle is ‘Internet Calling’ (VoIP phone models).

What Is Working From Home?

Working from home is considered to be any work that is done outside of the traditional office.

This can be working from a coffee shop, library, or even your own home.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many businesses to allow their employees to work from home to help stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

However, even before the pandemic, there was a growing trend of people wanting to work from home.

In fact, in 2017, 43% of employed Americans said they would like to work remotely all the time if they could. That number has only increased in recent years with the rise of technology that makes working from anywhere easier than ever before.

Why Do So Many People Want To Work From Home?

There are several reasons why individuals desire to work from home. For one thing, it may save you money on things like gas, car maintenance, and expensive business clothing.

Employees can even get a tax relief for working at home also.

You also have a lot more control over your environment when you work from home.

You can design your home office to be as comfortable and productive as possible, without having to deal with distractions like noisy co-workers or the smell of someone’s lunch in the break room.

Why Do You Need To Care As A Business Owner?

If you’re a business owner, it’s important to consider how you can build your business model to offer work-from-home options for your employees.

With the right tools in place, remote working can be just as productive for your team as working in an office.

Offering this option can help you attract and retain top talent since more and more people are looking for jobs that offer flexible work arrangements.

7 Benefits of Offering Working from Home:

Working remotely has several advantages for your company, including increased productivity and employee tax relief for working at home.

The work-from-home phenomenon may help your business in the following ways:

Increased Morale:

One of the most important perks is that you will have increased morale within your staff. If your employees feel like they can trust you and have a good work-life balance, they are more likely to be productive and stay with your company for longer. Offering remote working is a great way to show your employees that you trust them and value their time outside of work.

Increased Productivity:

Studies have shown that employees who work from home are more productive than those who don’t. This is likely because they’re able to create a custom workspace that suits their needs and lifestyle. There are also fewer distractions at home than in the office (e.g. loud conversations nearby and chit-chat).


Employees who can work from home enjoy a greater sense of control over their time and schedule.

This can lead to an improved work/life balance where your employees can have increased satisfaction with their work life.

Reduced Stress:

Another key benefit is that it can help reduce stress levels for both you and your employees. With less commuting and fewer distractions from colleagues, working from home can help people focus on their work and get tasks done more quickly. This can lead to a decrease in stress as employees are meeting deadlines and do not need to rush any tasks.

Attract and Retain Top Talent:

Offering the opportunity to work from home may help you attract and retain top talent.

This is because many individuals desire working from home as a job benefit, and they are becoming more interested in it while looking for a new job.

As a result, if you offer remote working, you will be able to attract the greatest talent in your industry.

You will also lower your employee turnover rate, which means you’ll be able to keep your finest personnel.

Cost Savings:

Businesses can save on overhead costs by eliminating the need for large office space, equipment, and other resources when employees work from home.

Many businesses are finding now that they can downsize their office with the number of people working from home daily.

This can increase profits as the extra costs a company has (e.g. electricity, heating, and other bills) will decrease.

Tax Relief for Working at Home:

If you are an employer, you can pay your employees for the household costs of remote working through a system of tax relief for working at home.

As the cost of living increases with employees working from home, the government is now giving out tax relief for working at home at £6 per week.

This can improve the morale of the employees as they are being paid for the extra cost of working at home.

But employers will still have a higher profit margin as their overhead costs have decreased.

What Would Happen If You Do Not Offer Working from Home?

If businesses do not offer working from home as an option, they may find that their employees are less productive. This is because when people are in an environment where they are not comfortable, they tend to be less productive.

In addition, if people are not given the option to work from home, they may start looking for jobs that do offer this perk.

Therefore, businesses need to offer working from home as an option to their employees to retain them and keep them happy.

If you do not offer working from home, it can be costly to have a less productive workforce and a high turnover rate.

What Will Happen if You Approve The Working from Home Lifestyle?

You will notice a shift in the productivity of your employees as they will be happier with their new work/ life balance, resulting in enhanced performance.

This can generate for your business to go from a business that you feel is average, to a business that you are enthralled with as it thrives within your industry.

The benefits of working from home are a no-brainer.

Employees are excited about the future of remote working, as it can make their life easier and more affordable.

The Best Option for Working from Home

The cheapest and simplest business telecoms system to kickstart your work from home movement is a new VoIP phone system in the IP phones market for telecoms services.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems can save businesses a lot of money every month.

By using VoIP technology, businesses can make calls over the internet instead of using traditional telephone lines.

Business telecoms can lead to significant savings on your monthly phone bill in addition to allowing employees to access their work anywhere in the world.

VoIP phone services come with a host of features that can improve communication and collaboration within your company.

The Perks of VoIP Phone Systems for Working from Home

One of the best ways to support remote work is to invest in a quality VoIP phone system.

VoIP phone systems use the internet to route calls, which means they’re more affordable than traditional phone systems and easier to set up and manage.

A traditional desk phone usually offers a wide range of communications, such as regular telephony, and has a user friendly system for everybody.

Although, these communication features have been improved upon with a VoIP phone.

VoIP phone services can help you reach your aspirations as a business by increasing communication throughout your business.

What does VoIP mean for your business?

VoIP phone services can be used by small businesses or large corporations, as it offers the best deal for users. The only thing VoIP phone services need is an internet connection.

With this, it can offer many benefits such as:

    • Mobile or desktop use
    • Video conferencing
    • Conference calls
    • Call forwarding
    • Caller ID
    • Queues for customers
    • All the benefits of Microsoft Teams

Due to this, your employees have connectivity with each other at all times and can communicate in many other ways whilst working remotely.

When choosing a VoIP system for your business, be sure to select one that offers the features you need at a price you can afford.

Our VoIP telecoms system offers all of the features you need at a price you will love, so your employees can love the working-from-home life.

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