Windows Updates For Business: 3 Links With The Dark Web


I’m sure you already know of the Dark Web. And, you probably know the dangers that lurk within.

But, how much do you really know about it?

Do you know the risks Windows updates for business have with The Dark Web? Do you know how The Dark Web can make your business vulnerable with something as simple as a software update?

The Dark Web has dangers lurking in every corner. And you need to be kept aware of each one.

Especially the ones you wouldn’t even think about…

In this blog, you’ll learn more about The Dark Web, the 3 links it has with a Windows operating system (OS) update, and how you can protect yourself.

But first

What Is The Dark Web?

There are 3 sections of the web. The ‘Surface’ web (<10% of the Internet), the ‘Deep’ web (~90% of the Internet), and the ‘Dark’ Web (1% of the Internet).

The Dark Web is the ‘hidden’ part of the internet where to access it, you need to download the ‘TOR’ browser.

If you want something on the Dark Web, there are search engines you can use. But, they’re no Google.

The Dark Web’s search engines are something you’ve not seen in a long time… Do you remember the search engines of the 90s? They’re all like that.

Slow, irrelevant, and irritating

But still, the people who go on The Dark Web usually get what they want no matter how irritating the search engines are.

But what is that you might ask? What do people want from the Dark Web?

What Is On The Dark Web?

A large number of the people who go on the Dark Web are looking to partake in illegal activities that The Dark Web is known for.

These illegal activities include:

    • Drug trafficking.
    • Illegal pornography.
    • Weapons trading.
    • Fraud and scams.
    • Cybercrime.

Drug trafficking.

The Dark Web is a massive marketplace for the buying and selling of illegal drugs. The first of this type of trade came from ‘Silk Road‘.

Illegal pornography.

The Dark Web hosts numerous sites where illegal and disturbing pornography can be found.

I won’t go into details about the types of pornography – that’s how bad it is…

Weapons trading.

The Dark Web is a giant in the illegal weapons trade. Especially in Europe right now where revenue is 5x that of the USA.

Need a handgun, an AK-47 or a Taser? You’ll find it all on The Dark Web.

Fraud and scams.

The Dark Web is a hub for all things fraud and scams. Anybody who wants to sell fake passports, or fake identity documents is on the Dark Web.

The Dark Web also supports a massive market for phishing schemes to scam as many people as possible.


The Dark Web is the biggest marketplace for cybercriminals to use. Cybercriminals use the dark web to:

  • Buy and sell stolen data
  • Get hacking tools
  • Buy and sell malware
  • Sell their services for DDoS attacks, or phishing scams

The Dark Web is one of the biggest spaces for criminal activity in the world.

But why should you care about why people go on The Dark Web? What does it really matter to your life that somebody else wants to go on it?


Real-World Example

Well, do you remember the 2020 EasyJet hack where customers’ names, email addresses, travel details, and bank details were all stolen?

This wasn’t just a couple of people’s random information sold on the Dark Web. This affected millions of people across the UK. 

Were you one of the people affected? If not, you easily could have been… Or you could still be…

And not just by EasyJet.

There are other businesses out there with your personal details and any of those details could be sold on The Dark Web.

You don’t know who will be hit next. Or when.

But that’s not all. From a business standpoint, the Dark Web could also affect your job. EasyJet is a good example of this as well.

EasyJet and business

EasyJet’s hack cost them a lot. And not just in monetary value.

It cost them their reputation and the trust of their customers when their customers’ data was sold on The Dark Web.

EasyJet lost the customer loyalty they had been building for years.

And, that loyalty is not something you can get back with an apology. EasyJet’s customers became victims to the Dark Web because of their mistakes.

And now, EasyJet are still (yes, in 2023!) paying out compensation to those affected in the attack.

What to take from EasyJet’s example

So, who’s to say this can’t happen to your business? Could your business survive compensation claims, loss of reputation, and a loss of trust?

Even if it can survive it – why would you risk it?

If you don’t want to risk it, you need to know how to prevent it. What can you do to protect your business from The Dark Web?

Windows Updates for Business

For some background on Windows updates for business:

The Windows operating system checks for updates at least once a day at irregular intervals. But, critical security updates can happen at any time. And they can happen as many times a day as necessary!

However, a lot of employees get annoyed at these updates. And some will stall the updates if they can.

But, when your staff do this, a vulnerability lingers in your business.

To have an easier time at work, you need to know the dangerous links between Windows system updates and the Dark Web.

The Links Between Windows Updates & The Dark Web

1. Unpatched vulnerabilities can be sold on The Dark Web

Windows need to continuously patch security vulnerabilities because hackers are always able to find weaknesses.

But, that doesn’t just mean that only one hacker knows about a weakness. No.

Most bad actors will sell the vulnerability they found (on The Dark Web) until Microsoft notices the weakness and creates a security patch.

Meaning, multiple hackers can know about the vulnerabilities in your systems at once. And the more hackers who know about the vulnerability, the greater the risk to your business.

Your business is at risk until Windows patches the vulnerability and your employees update their systems with this patch.

2. Malware can target unpatched systems

After the initial hacker has sold the vulnerability they found in Windows OS or when your employee didn’t update their device, malware will become your worst enemy.

Why? Well, a hacker doesn’t even need an excellent skill set to hack your business now. All they need is to buy hacking tools and services on The Dark Web.

If your business has a vulnerability and the bad actor knows about it – just about anybody can target your business. There will be an endless supply of hackers who will have the means to target and attack your vulnerable business.

When The Dark Web gives everybody the ability to hack your business, and you leave your business wide open for them with a widely know vulnerability, your business (and your job) will be at great risk.

3. Stolen data can also be sold

If the bad guys get into your business by exploiting any vulnerabilities, you could find that you and your customers’ data can be sold on the Dark Web.

Your employee’s passwords, your customer’s bank details – everything you don’t want in the hands of the bad guys, can be sold on the dark web.

And if a hacker can easily get your data from a Windows OS vulnerability, you should bet that they’ll sell it.

And somebody will buy it.

Your data could end up in the wrong hands multiple times from the one Windows OS vulnerability with The Dark Web in play.

All the links of Windows updates for business and the dark web intertwine.

If you let the vulnerability sit there – hackers will pay attention, they will get malware, and then they will sell your data all because of The Dark Web.

When it comes to Windows OS vulnerabilities, The Dark Web is one of your biggest threats.

If you do not update your Windows operating system, the Dark Web can swallow your business whole.

But, is there anything you can do to protect yourself when there is a vulnerability? If you don’t know about the vulnerability, can you still have some sort of protection from bad actors?

Protecting Yourself

If you want to protect yourself from leaving your business vulnerable to the dark web, you need to reach the minimum cybersecurity standards.

To do this, you need to get:

    • Endpoint Protection.
    • Malware Antivirus Protection.
    • Web Filtering.
    • Email Filtering.
    • Office 365 Backups.
    • Drive Encryption.
    • Multi-Factor Authentication.

Deploying these methods for cybersecurity means that if there is a vulnerability in Windows, it doesn’t necessarily affect your employees or your systems.

The bad actors will have a difficult time gaining entry with the vulnerability if everything else is a fortress.

Or, with Endpoint Protection, if it does enter your systems, it will be detected and you can quickly respond to the problem.

Easy Updates

Alternatively, if you hold an Asset Manager, you can look at all the devices your organisation holds, and manage all devices in one place. We offer an Asset Management product where you can update all devices at the same time.

Allowing you to take your Windows updates for business into your own hands.

No employee can leave your business vulnerable when you update all systems from one piece of software.

Extra Help

Protecting yourself from the Dark Web can be difficult and a bit daunting.

If you’re looking for more information on the dangers of the dark web, or if you need any help with the basics of cybersecurity, contact us today.

We have cybersecurity solutions that will fit the needs of any business. Whether you’re looking for an all-around solution or a solution that keeps your business safe whilst being as cheap as possible, contact us for more.