The Services That an IT Support Company Can Offer

The Services That an IT Support Company Can Offer

As a business specialist IT support company, we often consult with company owners looking for technical expertise and consultancy-based advice but who are unsure of the right approach or the IT services we can offer through our multi-skilled team.

While general IT support is often focused on ongoing troubleshooting through our remote helpdesk, there are countless ways we add value, assisting with everything from complete digital transformation strategies to comprehensive cyber security audits.

A full-service IT support service is an end-to-end solution whether you want to reduce the cost of your IT, introduce faster automation, reinforce digital security, or access independent recommendations on the right software and hardware for your business.

Day-to-Day IT Support Services

Let’s start by summarising some of the ongoing IT services we provide. The primary difference between generic online IT support and troubleshooting software is that an IT service desk offers advice, real-time diagnoses, and recommendations from a qualified, experienced team of technicians and engineers.

Businesses often encounter technical issues that our remote support team can resolve quickly. This is particularly important for modern workplace environments with teams working from home or stationed in various locations, where connectivity is essential.

The companies we work with can contact their account manager or the helpdesk at any point, preventing glitches or outages from stalling business productivity or sourcing urgent help if there is a potential cybersecurity breach.

Alongside problem-solving and identifying the root cause of glitches, we provide proactive monitoring as part of our fully managed IT support packages. That means that our teams offer ongoing tracking of your systems and complete network administration where required.

Should your data traffic begin to grow and reach capacity, or your software provider release new security patches, we’ll deal with these issues automatically – and well before they cause any problems or result in reduced data security defences.

Using Professional IT Services to Protect Business Continuity

Managed services are ideal for businesses in high-growth sectors or with strong competition, where digital systems and communications are crucial. For example, a sluggish internet connection could be disastrous if you manage customer orders online, host digital webinars or conferences, or deal in subscription services.

Rather than dealing reactively to issues when they arise, IT support is a cost-effective way to introduce a preventative policy, where your business applications and data are continually backed up, and you can depend on an outsourced IT provider to manage updates and upgrades without interrupting your workflows.

However, one of the most valuable and often under-used services relates to the enormous breadth of knowledge an experienced team of IT professionals possess – where support engineers aren’t there purely to keep your systems and networks operating but can recommend ways to evolve.

In today’s digital world, there are always new opportunities to augment your in-house processes, develop new touchpoints or applications for your customers, or transition your telecoms to improve consumer perceptions and the way you communicate.

For example, we might suggest a new cloud-based telecoms system to reduce costs and support calls from any device or location – or incorporate intelligent call analysis and tracking to extract business intelligence. Our IT specialists might advise on the leading vendors offering a particular type of software that could upgrade your processes or design new cybersecurity solutions to enable you to offer more flexible hybrid working for your teams – without impacting your data security risks.

Our key focus is to encourage ambitious businesses to think of their IT infrastructure as a continually shifting and incredibly important part of their trade, using long-term strategies to ensure they remain at the top of their field and make informed decisions about when and where to invest in new technology.

IT Procurement Assistance and Introducing Business Cost Savings

If your business, like so many, is web-dependent, having unlimited support calls to a remote service desk in itself can reduce overheads – where unexpected outages receive a rapid response, or our support engineers can visit in person to handle a hardware failure.

An experienced IT support company can also provide further cost reductions by ensuring you aren’t paying more than necessary for your tech and that you have all the right tools, telecoms, and IT systems to support sustained business growth.

It’s impossible to overstate the value the latest technologies can offer, with the capacity to automate manual tasks, extract valuable business metrics from your sales databases, and facilitate a flexible range of contact options for your customers.

Our consultancy services are suited to any scenario and can help business leaders and senior management teams evaluate the efficiency of their current IT infrastructure, appraise where gaps exist in the skills of their internal IT team, or compare potential IT solutions with unbiased advice.

Many businesses also need to consider best practice standards and regulatory compliance issues when selecting IT systems, ensuring they adhere to rules around confidentiality, data protection, file sharing, data encryption and anonymisation of records stored.

Working with an IT support company with sector-specific knowledge will ensure you never make an inadvertent error or choose software, a file storage system, or cloud-based platform that breaches those rules or doesn’t meet the quality parameters expected.

Optimising Your Business Technology and IT Systems

Finally, alongside all of the services we’ve explored, our role as a leading IT support partner working with companies across the sectors is to ensure our clients access the best possible solutions specific to their business goals and objectives.

IT strategies necessarily differ, but we consult with clients around a range of areas and requirements, including:

    • Transitioning from legacy solutions to forward-thinking alternatives, relevant to large and growing businesses that recognise outdated technology is holding them back.
    • Expanding in-house IT services, providing advice and training for IT colleagues, or advising on how businesses can improve internal communications, perhaps through video seminars or updated device usage policies.
    • Evaluating future opportunities, where companies can overcome emerging challenges by acting pre-emptively and restructuring their IT tools and systems before they become redundant or seize opportunities to innovate and outperform their competitors.
    • Introducing new data storage and application operating solutions, such as our Droplet Computing container storage approach – where older applications can run seamlessly even if they are incompatible with modern operating systems.

In short, an IT support company isn’t only there to solve issues or find out why a device, connection, or telecoms line isn’t working properly – but to prevent outages from ever occurring and ensure business customers can focus all their efforts on running their companies while we manage the full scope of their IT.

For more information about any of the IT support services we’ve mentioned here or to arrange a good time to chat with one of the Jera team, please get in touch or schedule a call-back through our free consultation booking form.