Free Cybersecurity Training For Your Team

Get free Cybersecurity and Phishing training for your team members by contacting us here at Jera. 


Protect your assets

Secure your business

Reduce stress

Your Employees Are Putting Your Business At Risk

Untrained employees can unwittingly open the door to cybercriminals, putting your business at risk.

When your employees are trained, they become your first line of defence, guarding your business against all cybersecurity threats.

Our expert training equips them with the knowledge and skills to thwart cyberattacks and keep your data secure. 


Employee carelessness accounted for 48% of cybersecurity incidents


Of businesses have had data exposed due lost devices


Of companies say employees do not follow IT Security policies

What Our Free Training Consists Of

Security Training

Phishing Training

Phishing Simulation Training

Cybersecurity Resources

Reports on Employee Results

Intense Cybersecurity Bootcamps

Train Your Employees To Spot Cybersecurity Breaches

Many cybersecurity breaches occur because employees inadvertently click on malicious links, fall victim to phishing scams, or mishandle sensitive data.

When you train your employees on cybersecurity, they will spot breaches before they threaten your business.

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Get Free Cybersecurity Training For Your Team