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Finding The Right Cybersecurity Speaker Is Hard

Finding the right cybersecurity speaker is hard

Who will keep your audience awake? Who is the best expert? Who is reliable?!

There are so many factors that you can struggle with when finding the right expert for an event.

But not today.

Jera has the exact story that your event needs to shake your audience to their core.

Nobody will be able to stop thinking about your event for weeks.

Jera's Guest Speaker Story

Based on Experience

Based on Experience

Everything in Jera’s guest speaking story happened to a real business in Scotland. Jera has over 20 years of experience in cybersecurity in different industries.


Cybersecurity is boring – this story is not. Jera have tailored every part of their Guest Speaker story to keep your audience awake and engaged.


Applicable to Every Business

Jera’s guest speaker story has actionable advice that businesses worldwide can use to protect them from cybersecurity threats.

Event Types

We can arrange a guest speaker for your speaking needs, whether in-person or online.


If your event is based in Scotland or the UK, Jera can arrange for a speaker to come to your event in-person.


Hire a cybersecurity guest speaker who can teach your audience in-person at a workship.


Hire a guest speaker with 20 years of expertise in cybersecurity for your next online webinar. 


Book a cybersecurity expert to discuss the most recent developments in the cybersecurity world.

Watch a quick 1-minute video of our team in action. 

Watch our video to get a quick insight on what you can expect with a Jera cybersecurity guest speaker.

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Cybersecurity has never been known for being fun – but Jera blends humour with an important story that every business needs to listen to.

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Great service as always.

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Excellent communication, polite and helpful. 

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