3 Productivity Advantages of Using a Cloud Server

Traditionally, people would download, install and run applications on their physical machines or a physical server based somewhere in the building.

With cloud computing, users can access the same type of applications through the internet, without the need to have them installed on their own PCs.

In recent years, the cloud has won over a lot of popularity with businesses, and in fact today, over 84% of UK organisations have already moved to the cloud.

So what is it that makes this technology so popular and appealing, that almost every business uses it?

Cloud computing comes with many technical advantages.

But in today’s post we want to highlight 3 productivity advantages of using cloud technologies and how this has a positive impact on pretty much everyone in your organisation.

3 Productivity Advantages of Using Cloud Technologies

1.Work from anywhere

One obvious implication of your apps no longer being tied up to your physical machine, is that you can access them from any location with internet access (and adequate user permission).

This is an advantage for both individuals work from various location (for example, in the office and from home).

And for teams who will now find it much easier to collaborate on and share work, reports, projects.

You can also use this as an added perk to attract better qualified staff. Flexibility on working remotely can mean a better work-life balance opportunity.

Which – research shows – many professionals would value highly when considering a new job opportunity…

2.Quick to launch

While traditional servers required long hours or maybe even days to be set up, cloud-based solution can be set up for your organisation within hours.

This means less men-hours that your staff need to put in, and if you opt for a managed IT cloud solution, all this can be handled by your provider’s IT support staff.

Moreover, when your business uses cloud-based solutions, it also means setting up new employees is really, really fast.

They can quickly get access to the apps and document they need, without going through lengthy installations!

3.Automatic updates

Not only are could servers quick to set up, they are also more efficient to maintain.

Being offsite and out of your hair, your IT support provider will service and maintain them on a regular basis (including latest security patches and updates!) without causing disruption.

For your business, this translates to always using the latest versions of all your software apps, without spending time to update and service them yourself.

This way, you and your staff will be free to focus on growing your business, all the while knowing that your business’ IT security is in good health.

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