IT help desk: Troubleshooting to Secure A Simple Life

From printer troubleshooting to accessing shared drives: How an IT help desk improves business continuity.

Troubleshooting an offline printer

“We had one user calling us because their printer was showing up as offline.

It’s generally frustrating for people when they can’t use the equipment in their offices, and printers tend to act up quote often.

I resolved the issues within a timely manner by assigning a static IT for the device.

This solution should also prevent the problem from reoccurring in the future so the client will be able to use their printer just fine from now on!

I was happy to help as printer issues can take a while to troubleshoot if you don’t know exactly what to look for.

This is a great example of what I call the magic behind the curtain as we are able to work in the background and use our experience to fix issues quickly.”

– Michael F.

Installing Adobe professional on a MacBook with Parallel

“One user called in as he needed to install AbodeXI Professional on his MacBook and needed assistance to run through the entire process.

He had to download our software to allow remote access to the computer and I walked him through this step.

After receiving the controls to remotely access his computer, I could install the program quickly using Parallel as I had done in similar situations in the past.

I tested to ensure the application worked as expected and the user was then able to start using the Adobe within minutes.”

– Luca M.

Connecting a MacBook to the Windows Business Server

“We had a user who needed to connect one of the staff’s MacBook machine to the server, for them to access the Windows Business Server.

She called our help desk as she was nervous she won’t be able to connect on her own or would run into other issues.

Not only did I get the machine connected, but I also ran a couple of tests to ensure the user can access all files they need from the shared drive.

I followed up with the user to advise when the ticket had been completed and also advised her on how to access the shared drive, to give her piece of mind knowing that we had them covered.”

– Michael F.

Do You Need an IT Help Desk?

Is your business slowed down by technical glitches, malfunctioning software and hardware?

Our expert IT help desk can take all this off your shoulders and provide IT support services to your entire organisation.

We use our experience to implement fast and reliable solutions so your business can scale and become more productive with less recurring technology issues.

The examples above are just a few of the support issues you can offload on our trusted, certified team of IT experts.

We will work behind the scene to maximise your staff’s productivity and performance and to help you deliver your business goals by using technology with purpose.

If you’re looking to improve your business processes and grow your organisation the solution is simple.