Endpoint Security – What you Need to Know

The digital security threat landscape is constantly evolving.

Leaks, hacks and other breaches are happening more and more due to human error or software vulnerabilities and getting harder to predict or fix.

This rise in cybersecurity threats also means that sophisticated endpoint security is becoming increasingly important.

Today, we’re breaking down what exactly endpoint protection entails and how our preferred endpoint protection software can help!

What Is Endpoint Protection?

‘Endpoint security’ is a catch-all term for securing the electronic devices in your organisation’s computer network.

This means things like company laptops, smartphones and tablets, but also servers, printers, external drives and USB sticks. Each of them presents their own challenges to endpoint protection.

The diversity of these endpoints and the potential for human error in their use present a special kind of cybersecurity problem with some potentially disastrous implications.

Once a single defence point is breached, a malicious hacker can quickly grab a significant volume of sensitive data, putting your capital as well as your reputation in danger.

To counter this risk, the solution you choose needs to be comprehensive, agile and specific.

That’s where intelligent cybersecurity comes in.

An Agile, AI-Powered Solution for Endpoint Security

New technologies have been developed to respond to the latest forms of endpoint security threats in real-time. This way, security breaches can be stopped before they take place,  preventing expensive damages.

While these new products use a very minor amount of CPU power, it continuously monitors activity at your network’s endpoints to identify potential threats. Once it singles out a suspicious file activity, it quarantines the file temporarily for further scrutiny.

These products use the latest AI algorithms to keep track of new malicious software and hacking tactics.

They study the patterns behind their behaviours and use the intelligence to counter cyber attacks before they can spread.

A great product to consider for these benefits is SentinelOne.

Since cybersecurity attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and unpredictable, the defence tactics used to combat them need to be flexible, responsive and smarter than ever before.

That’s why having a sophisticated endpoint security solution is essential to protecting your sensitive data.

Patching Your Devices

‘Patching’ refers to providing a minor software update in response to a specific issue. In the context of data safety, this means fixing a previously unknown vulnerability that could be exploited by a hacker.

Your endpoint security solution should help you recognise where patching is needed before this vulnerability is taken advantage of!

Since SentinelOne quarantines files as soon as it identifies suspicious activity, it closes the gap in time between first identifying and then neutralising a security threat.

This allows you to patch up your software before any damage is done!

Minimising Human Error

Another advantage an endpoint security solution offers you is in limiting human error.

Organisations often find themselves steeped in a false sense of digital security. They believe that their various digital endpoints’ defences are always correctly configured and kept up to date by their users.

When in reality, research points in the opposite direction: employees routinely put off updating their devices.

Because of this, companies are better off ensuring their endpoints are secure with a smart and agile solution like SentinelOne.

Thanks to SentinelOne’s ability to respond to fileless cyberattacks, an endpoint security solution can prevent exploits of outdated or improperly configured software across a variety of endpoints.

Doing Justice To The Importance of Endpoint Security

As the number of endpoints in your company’s network grows, so does the potential for a successful cyber attack.

New types of data security threats require a solution that responds to suspicious activity in real-time and not only blocks it, but also to learns from it.

Human error can jeopardise endpoints through things like infected attachments and phishing. Where human judgement fails and opens the doors to a dangerous security breach, a smart endpoint defence solution is quick to shut them again.

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