Cyber Security – The Perfect Storm?

Most of us would be inclined to think of cyber criminals as a lot of lawless occupants of the deep, a gang of individuals that trade exploit kits and stolen data and operate in a chaotic and disorderly manner.

But the reality is, cybercrime is now a multibillion ‘business’ and one that is seeking to be as innovative and disruptive as your next tech company. The only difference is that cybercriminals act in a destructive manner and quite frankly, most businesses blindly deny how effective and ingenious they can be – the perfect storm conditions for any business to get caught off guard and become the victim of cybercrime.

Cyber attackers take themselves very seriously and they often become as invested in their activities as most of us are in our own careers. As a result, we are now facing sophisticated cyberattack strategies that may target any businesses – from small to big, from private to public. In fact, it is realistic to state that cybercriminals can breach the network of any company they choose to target.

As Steve Durbin, managing director the Information Security Forum (ISF) highlights: “Cybercriminals are always trying to come up with a new way. I think we’re still not that great at playing a defensive game. We need to really raise it to the same level. We’re never going to be as imaginative. There’s still this view inside the company that we haven’t been broken into already, why are we spending all this money?”

The problem is that most businesses still take a reactive, defensive approach by employing the use of industry-leading firewall and antivirus solutions. But limiting yourself only to these will no longer cut it. The real threat is actually inside your organisation – whether it is ill-intended or ignorant employees that make your organisation’s data increasingly permeable.

What can your business do today to minimise cyber security risks?

It’s clear that your traditional IT security defence technologies are no longer enough. To address the real internal threat, your organisation needs to implement a new line of defence by training your staff or a regular basis, to ensure everyone in your organisation knows how to identify and report a potential attack.

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