Blairmore Farm

Back in 2013, James and Ailsa Clark decided they would like to live in the countryside after they were married. However, their jobs at the time would not allow for commuting, so they started working on the idea of a lifestyle business. They quickly got to work with the assistance of architects, family, and friends to develop a plan of renovation of their farm steading into 6 holiday cottages, hence creating Blairmore Farm. Moving to Blairmore has created the perfect life for James and Ailsa which they can’t wait to share with their guests.

The Problem

Being in the Highlands does cause some issues with 4G connectivity. Nowadays, people may be sceptical about going away on holiday to somewhere they can’t access the internet. So Ailsa and the team at Blairmore needed a strong internet connection to not only provide to their guests, but also offer to the team to allow for better streamlined operations. As well as the issues with internet connection, Ailsa needed a reliable telecoms solution that would keep the team connected when working off-site or from home. Prioritising technology and implementing these new solutions meant that Blairmore Farm required ongoing support to help them with technology issues, IT projects, and everything else that it comes with.

The Solution

To upgrade their technology and fix the ongoing issues at Blairmore Farm, Ailsa found Jera IT to be their best option. After assessing the situation, Ally and the team at Jera IT decided that a leased line was the perfect solution to provide a strong internet connection for the business and its guests. For the telecoms solution, Jera had the best VoIP phone system that was just what Blairmore Farm were looking for to fit their requirements. Once it was agreed with Blairmore Farm and Jera, the IT team initially came in and fitted the new internet and telecoms solution. Now to this day they are providing their expert IT knowledge to support the team at Blairmore Farm.

After coming out to speak to Ailsa, Ally and the team were delighted to hear how happy she was with our service, stating that she would “have no problem recommending Jera up and down the country”. Now she feels extremely relaxed knowing that our team of experts are just a phone call away ready to help with any issues they are facing.

Take a look at the video above for Ailsa’s full review of her experience with Jera IT.

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