Top 3 SaaS Backup Solutions for Office 365 & G Workspace in 2023

Over the past couple of weeks on this blog, we’ve been going over the limitations popular cloud-based productivity suites Office 365 and Workspace have when it comes to backing up your data.

Clearly, if you take your data security seriously and want to minimise downtime and having to redo lost work, you need a third-party backup solution for your files and messages.

That’s why today, we’re giving you a few different product recommendations to help you keep your data safe.

Without further ado, here are our top 3 best backup solutions for small businesses in no particular order.

Backupify – fast, granular backup for both O365 and Workspace

Backupify is the only solution in this article that offers both Office 365 and Workspace backup.

They offer protection against app outages, ransomware, failed third-party app integrations and, most importantly, human error, the biggest culprit of accidental data loss.

They back up your data automatically three times a day, plus you can manually back up your work on their cloud servers at any point. This way you can restore individual items or entire apps to how they were prior to data loss.

Additionally, Backupify doesn’t overwrite existing data when restoring files and messages, so you don’t lose out on the work you’ve completed after the data loss.

Backupify takes just minutes to set up, the search parameters for lost items are comprehensive and recovery happens fast, with just a few clicks.

The solution also recovers file structures and permissions, saving you the time you’d spend rebuilding this if you tried to recover files using either O365 or Workspace’s built-in, seriously limited recovery capabilities.

Plus, in the event of departing employees, you can easily transfer data from their account so that you don’t have to keep paying for their inactive license to retain access to their files.

Backupify also takes your data security very seriously, offering encryption both while files are in transit and when they’re being stored, lowering your chances for a disastrous data leak.

No one is immune to human error – not even IT professionals with a high level of cybersecurity awareness.

That’s why Backupify’s automatic backups several times a day are so powerful, offering you a “set it and forget it” data backup solution.

Redstor – feature-rich Office 365 backup

Redstor has a couple of features that make it stand out from the rest of the data backup solutions we’ve come across.

First of all, they allow you to “stream” your data to any device so that you don’t have to wait for a full recovery to access the information you need.

Because of their unique data streaming capability, you could even cut down your primary storage costs by archiving files you don’t need to access regularly to Redstor’s cloud storage while still having instant visibility into these archived items.

Another unique aspect of Redstor’s offering is that you get full control over where your recovered files are stored – whether that be in the cloud, on-premise storage or a hybrid of the two.

This way, you can make your recovery solution work for you rather than having to adapt the way you work to fit around it.

This is different from most other backup providers who focus solely on cloud storage.

This borderless data visibility, flexibility and on-demand access make Redstor an excellent data recovery option for SMEs. Redstor offers a transparent, subscription-based pricing model where you pay only for what you use with no hardware costs or hidden fees.

Axcient – a modern O365 backup solution with added data security

With Axcient, you can locate missing items with a rich variety of search parameters on both the granular and macro level.

Axcient backs up your data three times a day and non-destructive data restore is available with a single click without overwriting existing data, much like with Backupify.

Axcient takes security and compliance very seriously.

They offer their data backup clients with anti-phishing protection provided by O365’s Advanced Threat Protection. This includes things like configurable policies, real-time reports and automated responses to threats.

These added cybersecurity features make Axcient much more than just a straightforward data recovery solution, which is very fortunate since, as we’ve discussed in our articles in the past, Office 365’s standard cybersecurity features could be stronger.

This makes Axcient a practical and cost-effective choice for small businesses.

In conclusion

The right backup solution for your SME will depend on what you need most from it.

Whatever solution you choose, you should go for one that has the ability to back up your data automatically several times a day and that allows for the granular recovery of individual items as well as file structures without overwriting data.

This way, you can minimise downtime and having to do over your work.

Need some help selecting the right SaaS backup solution for your business? Our IT security and strategy experts would be happy to help, so get in touch.