Build a Successful IT Strategy Workshop

Are you struggling to build and develop a solid business strategy?

Do you have an IT strategy in place that is helping you grow in an ever-changing digital world?

At Jera, we believe having a solid IT strategy in place is key to your overall business success.

That’s why we have decided to run a workshop to focus on all things strategy.

Who should attend?

This unique event is team based – so bring everyone along to make the biggest impact possible and really nail your IT strategy.

Whether your organisation is just starting out or has been in business for decades, Jera wants to help.


Ally Hollins-Kirk has been leading Jera IT for the past 20 years. Ally is a big believer in life-long learning.

With this, Jera has embedded learning and education within their culture in order to further develop every team member.

And, it is exactly the same with Jera’s customers, Ally will be further dedicating his time to helping educate fellow business owners and their teams on the importance of I.T strategy and how you can build a solid framework for success.

After all, Jera’s job is to help you achieve your goal. So, make your goal to build and develop a successful IT strategy and join us.


Another bonus – completely free! This offer is limited to one company/team per month so sign up today and join us at Jera IT to solidify your IT strategy.