Forth Resource Management

Forth Resource Management was started in 2002 with an idea that started as a college project to provide a sustainable recycling solution for the garden cuttings generated across South East Scotland. At that time the material collected by councils and landscape gardeners was either sent to landfill or burned in bonfires – a huge waste of a valuable natural resource.

FRM opened their first composting site at East Fenton near North Berwick in 2002 with nine others in the Borders, Lothians, Edinburgh and Central Belt being opened over the following years. As the Councils rolled out green waste collections the tonnages FRM processed grew dramatically from around 1000 tons in the first year to over 100,000 tons per year at present – the majority of which is delivered to them by East Lothian, Midlothian, Edinburgh and the Scottish Borders Council with the remainder coming from landscapers and skip hire companies.

The Problem

Effectively running multiple sites spread across the country can be extremely difficult without the right IT solutions in place, which is why Forth Resource Management came to us. They needed an effective way to communicate between sites without having to keep picking up the phone. Whether that’s sending purchase orders across to each other or generally just staying connected with members of the team working remotely or on other sites.

The Solution

The team at Forth Resource Management decided to trust Jera with fixing the communication problems. Our system was the best solution for the team at FRM because it was flexible enough to fit their current requirements but is also able to grow with the business.

Not only did Jera help improve FRM’s communication, we also got their IT up to standard, integrated Waybridge Software to automate their ticketing process, and provided insight into procurement methods. As James says, the process of integrating our systems was “effortless”. Now he can relax and let Jera deal with any IT issues his team are suffering.

Take a look at the video above for James’ full review of his experience with Jera.

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